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USA and Canada Tour Dates.
We will be hitting the States and Canada in June as part of our trip to the NXNE Music Festival! We can't wait to come visit:

All the details can be found here too!


Watch "The Sum of My Parts" Video Clip.


"Young Heart" receives stellar reviews.
Our new record Young Heart is available on iTunes and select indie record stores - plus online sites like JBHiFi and Sanity.

Produced by Matt Fell at his Love Hz Studios in Sydney, the record features 12 songs and was released on our own label, Streetcar Productions, on January 20 2012, distributed by MGM Distribution and published by Mushroom Music Publishing

Here's what the Australian media has had to say:-

“The harmonies and structures that this song is built on have them heading somewhere more towards Bush or Bjork than the strum and reveal of the more typical Singer/Songwriter types. The mostly unadorned production lets those voices swell and offer their feelings." – DRUM MEDIA

“Capturing a breathy ache in the mould of former touring partner Sarah McLachlan, yet adding enough texture and depth to put a distinct stamp upon this lovelorn ballad, this DuBois is stellar.” -

“Their new single is a catchy, dramatic little slice of acoustic pop, along the lines of Sarah Blasko.” –

“Sounding and looking like a million bucks, Perth two-piece Blanche Dubois continue that city’s fine tradition of producing more bands per capita than any other city on earth (probably). Sisters Adriana and Nadija have been playing throughout the country for the better part of a decade, and with their new album YOUNG HEART due for release early next year, expect to hear more of their earthy county – tinged, delicate pop in the not too distant future”–

"Right from the hauntingly beautiful first track Young Heart, the sisters tell a story of heartbreak, acceptance and moving on. Their silky voices and sweet acoustic sounds only add to the feeling and emotion, creating the perfect chill-out album. Following opening number Young Heart comes the resentful Hell before one of the best tracks in the album The War in Me. The sisters’ voices intertwine gracefully throughout the third song, which sets a peaceful mood and is one of the catchiest tracks on the record. Later numbers Dear God and The Sum of My Parts are just as strong as the album’s opening tunes, with the infectious melodies continuing as well as the thought- provoking lyrics." -
MX Citybeat

"Young Heart is an exploration of love, loss and life and, as cliche as these themes are, personal experiences often make the best songs. Pleasantly, nothing is overproduced, resulting in an array of honest and unblemished, yet imperfect pop songs... In the end you'll be saying 'Not another break-up album' when in your head you're clinging to every single word..." -

“There's plenty to like in the airy orchestral sighs of Perth's Blanche DuBois - sisters Nadija and Adriana Begovich. Their Young Heart is a deeply melodic and ever-so-haunting album. I suspect the bedroom is the frontline they're referring to in such heavy-hearted swoons as The War In Me, think Love Is A Battlefield updated for a twenty something audience." -

“Hopefully this theatrically named sister duo from Perth don’t suffer the same fate as the Pierces, the American sisters whose record company are scared of releasing here because they can’t decide whether the Pieces are too pop for cool radio or not pop enough for clod radio. You can see why it's a possibility with two indicative songs in the middle of Blanche Dubois’s third album. The vaguely spectral Run For Miles, shows that when Nadija and Adriana Begovich’s dramatic tendencies are mixed with some spacious, lightly electronic atmospheres they hit a dark patch that blends Kate Bush with Regina Spektor. On the other hand, The Wires, with its swaying balladry and easy tone may make you think of a cross between the McClymonts and Wendy Matthews.” –

“Real Life Madness and Time And Time Again have sweet melodies and emotional vibrancy” –


Watch "The War in Me" Video Clip.

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